Roben Law offers a free consultation for every client.  We do this because choosing your legal representation for such a personal matter is a big decision.  In the consultation, you will get answers to the difficult questions, including:  Is litigation necessary?  Is there a less expensive option to accomplish your goals?  Is legal representation even necessary? What should you look for when hiring an attorney?  We are willing to answer these questions in a frank and honest manner because we believe in the Roben Law approach to family law.  We work hard to get you the best outcome possible but it is also an attorney’s role to advise you of all possible outcomes so that you can weigh the costs and benefits to every option.  Roben Law prides itself on honest, straightforward, and practical advice.

We particularly enjoy working with small business owners and their spouses. The entire family and extended family of the owner and managing attorney, Jennifer J. Roben, are self-employed.  Ms. Roben was born and raised in an entrepreneurial environment which has led her to view every situation from a business perspective as well from as a legal mindset.  As a small business owner herself, she understands the stresses and challenges facing small businesses particularly during a divorce and she works to achieve creative and customized solutions that work for you.