Life can bring changes in circumstances that may affect your divorce or child custody and parenting time agreement after it is finalized. Issues can arise as children grow and change, one or both parties relocate for work or personal reasons, a former spouse completes education or is promoted in their job, or a former partner loses or changes employment or retires. Custody, parenting time, child support, and spousal maintenance, among other issues, may need to be revisited over time.  Issues can also surface around enforcement of a divorce decree, rights awarded to a parent, or payment or modification of child support  or spousal maintenance arrangements. Whether you or your child are the ones experiencing a change in circumstances or the person seeking to protect your interest or your child’s interest when a former partner’s life changes, you will need an attorney with expertise in post-decree matters to help guide you toward a fair resolution.

Questions to explore

  • What are the details of your current arrangement?
  • What kinds of arrangements are you seeking?
  • Why do you want to modify the current arrangement?
  • Has your or your former partner’s financial situation changed? How?
  • How have your needs or the needs of your child changed?

Roben Law, PLLC offers you:

  • All-encompassing approach – Roben Law, PLLC considers the legal and practical factors in their advice and advocacy.
  • Personal attention – From an attorney skilled at negotiating post-decree matters and who takes the time to understand all of the factors that concern you.
  • Practical solutions – Realistic solutions that minimize the time and cost of resolving your current issues.