Legal Separation

The idea of a legal separation seems simple; two people who are married stop living together. Yet, separation can be as complicated – sometimes even more complicated – than divorce. Legal separation also can have unanticipated impact to your life and health insurance benefits, social security or tax benefits, and military benefits. These issues can have undesirable financial implications for both parties, so choosing an attorney knowledgeable in separation agreements is essential.

Questions to explore

  • Budget matters. What is a realistic budget? Put together a budget that details your monthly and annual expenses. This information will be important to share with your attorney and with your spouse as you talk about realistic ways to separate into two households.
  • Child custody. Where will your children live and go to school? What parenting time arrangements seem practical? How will you share school and medical information? What financial resources are needed to take care of your children’s needs?
  • Asset Division. What assets will be affected by a legal separation? What do you want to see happen with heirlooms, personal property, real estate, bank accounts or investments?

Roben Law, PLLC offers you:

  • Personal attention – From an attorney with comprehensive experience in family law matters, including separation, divorce, child custody and asset allocation.
  • Practical solutions – Ideas for resolutions that are fair and respectful of your wishes, privacy and in the best interests of your children.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – From an attorney trained and experienced in providing services that can lead to settling a case out of court. Roben Law, PLLC has experience in mediation, moderated settlement conferences, Social Early Neutral Evaluation