Questions of paternity are often sensitive and a family law attorney can help you explore your rights, arrange paternity testing, and advise you on paternity law, rights, and other matters.

Questions to explore

  • Are there other issues beyond the question of paternity that need to be considered?
  • Has a “Recognition of Paternity” been signed?
  • Are there special circumstances you should share with your attorney?
  • Are there financial considerations that need to be addressed?

Roben Law, PLLC offers you:

  • Personal attention – An attorney well-versed in every aspect of family law related to paternity, custody, and parenting time.
  • Practical solutions – Ideas for resolutions that are fair and respectful of your wishes and privacy.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – From an attorney trained and experienced in providing services that can lead to settling a case out of court. Roben Law, PLLC has experience in mediation and Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENE).