Divorce/Marital Dissolution

Considering divorce is a life-changing decision. Understandably, this time can be emotionally stressful. It is essential to have a clear picture of your unique situation and how it will be affected by the facts, your changing life goals, and any personal and financial arrangements that may need to be addressed and resolved.

Choosing an experienced divorce attorney is essential as you consider the consequences of a legal separation, no fault divorce or another divorce agreement. Equally important is finding a divorce lawyer who will be committed to fully understanding your personal, work and financial situation. You will want someone up-to-date on current laws to guide you through a process that has far-reaching implications for your everyday life, peace of mind, and financial future.

Questions to explore

  • What do you want to do about shared assets and debts, such as a home, personal property and loans or credit card obligations?
  • Should you seek or offer spousal maintenance (alimony)?
  • How do you want to address child custody, child support and parenting time arrangements?
  • What will the financial impact be to investments, retirement accounts, pensions, medical insurance or other resources?

Roben Law, PLLC, offers you:

  • Personal attention – You will meet and work with the same attorney to address your unique situation, from day one.
  • Practical solutions – A customized approach to each case based on in-depth experience and up-to-date knowledge of family law.
  • Entrepreneurial expertise – Roben Law, PLLC’s founding attorney has a strong business background and is experienced in handling a wide variety of cases, including sizeable and unique cases.