Asset Division

Divorces usually involve a combination of real estate, business interests, investments, stock, retirement, or other personal and financial assets that must be divided. Whether decided by a judge or through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, dividing shared assets can be complicated. Your life situation is unique. Your marriage, life partnerships, children, retirement, business interests, personal property, real estate and investments, and more complex assets, such as stock options, restricted stock, and deferred compensation plans, must all be carefully considered by the divorce lawyer you choose to represent you.

The attorney working for you must not only be knowledgeable about the types of assets you have but also have the experience and creativity to protect your assets so that you receive a fair outcome.

Questions to explore

  • What assets did you bring into the marriage (known as nonmarital assets) and what assets have been accumulated since the marriage?
  • Are there heirlooms, artwork, or personal property that are especially meaningful to you?
  • What kind of living arrangements do you want to have, especially if children are involved?
  • Are you expecting to have temporary or long-term financial challenges?
  • What would you consider to be a fair division of assets?
  • Do you know your actual net worth?
  • What debt, tax, or other liabilities need to be considered?

Roben Law, PLLC offers you:

  • Unique and Complex Asset Expertise – Roben Law, PLLC’s founding attorney has over fifteen years of experience handling unique and complex assets.
  • Personal attention – From a local divorce lawyer with expertise in family law, separation agreements, closely held businesses, spousal maintenance, custody of children and child support.
  • Practical solutions – Timely, cost-effective ideas to help you and your former partner resolve the differences that are keeping you from moving on with your lives.