Third Party Custody / Grandparent Rights

One of the most specialized areas of family law involves third-party custody and grandparent rights to a child. A third party, such as a grandparent, adult sibling, former step-parent, or other family member, needs an exceptional family lawyer to navigate this unique area of law.

Divorce, break ups, death, remarriage, geographic separation, and other family issues may make it difficult or impossible for interested third parties, including grandparents, to see the children important in their lives. In some cases, even grandparents who provided care and had active, healthy relationships with their grandchildren are not allowed to see them because of a family rift or disagreement. In other cases, the parent who was a connection to the child is no longer able to provide that connection or the custodial parent may have remarried or moved. Finding a way to resolve situations that are often emotionally-charged requires an attorney with strong negotiating skills.

Roben Law, PLLC offers you:

  • All-encompassing approach – Roben Law, PLLC considers the legal and practical factors in their advice and advocacy.
  • Personal attention – From an attorney with experience in family law matters, including third-party custody and grandparents’ rights.
  • Practical solutions – Ideas for resolutions that can be achieved affordably and within a reasonable timeframe.